> outsourcing /privatising. Paying private companies to provide a lesser standard of service, rip customers off, increase insecure forms of employment and make their principal shareholders rich (from Serco, which ‘delivers essential public services’).
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Exactly 25 years ago, Newstart was last raised in real terms.

In 1994, when Lion King, Forest Gump, Shawshank Redemption, and True Lies were in the cinemas.

In 1994, when petrol was 69 cents a litre.

Since then, housing prices have increased 62 percent above inflation, and electricty prices 212 percent above inflation.

Since then, Newstart has fallen behind the rest of the community, meaning considerable suffering for the hundreds of thousands of people who rely on this payment. Who rely on this payment, through no fault of their own.

The Coalition would probably sooner walk over hot coals than raise Newstart. Unsurprising from the people who have perfected the art of harassing and humilating the unemployed and the poor.

Labor have promised a review within 18 months of being elected, which is, as we all know, nowhere near good enough. Newstart needs a raise, as a matter of urgency.

Unemployed people on $40 a day cannot wait potentially years for relief because of politicians who callous, cowardly politicians.

If you are part of the Labor Party machine, you know what you have to do.
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Fashion 25 years ago🤩
Now as outdated as the Rate Of Newstart Allowance!
Today marks 25 years since Newstart saw a real raise 😔Just let that sink in...
how much was your rent 25years ago? What better time to Join APNSA, THIs! Coming Monday as we call on Charles Sturt Council to become the 15th council to advocate for a Raise To Newstart!
Power To The Poor ✊Silent No More!

Can't make it on the night?
Write a letter to the council in support of a raise! Need assistance with transport to get there or with what to write?
Sing Out 📣
P.s I still love crochet clothes, vests and denim skirts 😍 I don't love people being forced to live in poverty 🤬
See more Charles Sturt event details below ⬇️
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"Well, I was feeling pretty lonely because there's only basically the one girlfriend that I could see - I'd only see her on a weekend, on a Sunday, and then if I couldn't see her on that Sunday, it would be a fortnight, and I couldn't go to see anyone else because they were further away, and I didn't want to take the risk with the car, or I couldn't afford the petrol, and even making a phone call, I was sort of trying to hold off from using the phone too much, so I felt totally isolated.

So the big thrill of the day was going to the op shop and just looking around, I couldn't afford to buy anything, and if I could afford a coffee that was the other big thrill, going out to the supermarket and buying a coffee." - Natasha, aged 59, Newstart Allowance.
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3 days ago

Anti-Poverty Network SA

Mighty Good Work Beautiful People
"I was told that my payments had been reinstated, but they were not, and it took more than eight weeks, and desperate attempts, before it was finally solved.

During that time I was unable to pay my rent, so an eviction order was made.

It was only a couple of months after this when I was finally offered a Housing SA property after waiting on the category one list as an urgent priority for a very long time.

Now that I have secure accommodation, things are beginning to improve."
Wendy Morgan

Link to the full messenger article in the comments.
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Last time Newstart was raised in real terms, in 1994, petrol was 69 cents a litre. ... See MoreSee Less

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Our condolences to the families of the victims of yesterday's terrorist atrocity in Christchurch, the act of a brazen, genocidal white supremacist. ... See MoreSee Less

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Hello :) we will be working with the greens to produce a You Tube video about raising the rate of Newstart Allowance. We need people on Newstart that would be able to share there stories about being on Newstart as a part of the video. If this is you get in touch asap!
Please Share around in your networks :)
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Anti-Poverty Network SA will be addressing the latest Senate inquiry into cashless welfare THIS MONDAY.

The Senators need to know how people on a low income and living in poverty use cash to save, and they need to know more about how people juggle their bills and stretch those deadlines to get by (the Card forces payment of bills on time, which really messes up people's budgeting).

There's a small slot for Claudia or Tammy to talk to them about how life and budgeting really works when every cent counts, so give them something to tell the Committee!

They're also allowed to present the Senators with documents, so if you can contribute an anonymous sample budget that highlights how useful cash and independent decision making about bills etc is that would be fantastic.

Please help!
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We made front page today!

This front page coverage sat on the table as we met with Town of Gawler councillors and staff today.

Gawler is looking ready to become the 16th SA council to support a raise to NewStart.

However it's not in the bag yet. Front page coverage helps but we need you at the next council meeting on Tue the 26th of March. Will you join us?


Thank you to The Bunyip Newspaper and journalist Sam Bradbrook for the coverage. And thank you Linda Weiss, Erin Findlay, Ian Tooley - Deputy Mayor for Gawler 2015, 2017 and 2018. and Councillor Cody Davies - Town of Gawler for your support.

The article reads:

Title: Poverty 'Epidemic'
Byline: Campaigner says more must be done to help Gawler's most vulnerable..

LOCAL anti-poverty campaigner Sam Shetler was trapped in the poverty cy-cle as a child growing up in the United States — now, he wants to make sure young people in Gawler don't suffer the same way.

A founding member of Anti-Poverty Network SA, Mr Shetler addressed Gawler Council last month calling for elected members to formally support
raising social welfare pay-ments — specifically the New-start Allowance — to help those less fortunate in Gawler break free from the cycle of poverty.

Mr Shetler said poverty rates in the town were reaching "epidemic" levels. "Gawler was one of the first councils to support 'Work for the Dole', which is a program where you can get people to work less than minimum wage in less than nice conditions," he said.

Anti-Poverty campaigner calls for increase to NewStart (Continued from frontpage).

"There are almost 1000 people on Newstart in Gawler and hundreds more on single parenting payments and other base allowances. "This is a really rich country, why are we having so many of its citizens live in poverty? "There are 11 job seekers for every one job, which is a clear indicator the market here as failed in that respect." Single people over the age of 22 with no dependent children can receive a maximum $550.20 per fortnight via Newstart, while a single parent with a dependent child, or children, receives an extra $45 each fort-night.

In Australia, the 'poverty line' - the amount of money needed for basic living expenses like food, rent and healthcare - is defined as $866 a fortnight for single people without a child, and $1808 for couple with two children. Mr Shetler said while local government has no control over social welfare payments, the impact low income payments have on councils means they should take a stand.

"This is a Federal Government responsibility to raise Newstart, but that doesn't mean it won't fall on state and local governments because they have to provide funds for residents as well," he said. "This will send a message that Gawler supports its low income residents who don't have the resources to make their voice heard within council."

Originally from the US, Mr Shetler recently moved to Gawler and was shocked at the impact poverty and unemployment has on the town. He said the misfortune he sees in the town reminds him of his upbringing with a single parent, and he doesn't want to see Australia move towards the same "stringent" American social welfare system. "When I came to Australia around a decade ago I thought `wow, Australia actually gives a shred of dignity to unemployed people and single parents'," he said.

"But, since then payments have declined, and we've adopted the US model. "It's easy to stigmatise and have punitive policies against people who don't have the resources to have voice — if you have resources, you have a voice." In October, Playford Council called on the Federal Government to raise the its Newstart Allowance, with a local council spokesperson saying it is "critical" payments in are sufficient to support "basic needs".
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