We are looking for people to help us put submissions into a senate inquiry for Parents Next. Submissions are due on the 1st of feb.

If you have had a bad experience with parents next, want to have your voiced heard on what you think should be done instead or know someone who has, please message the page or email in. We have a submission guide, and it can be an anonymous submission!

Being a single parent is one of the toughest, most important and stressful unpaid jobs out there.

Parents next wrongly assumes that if you are a single parent, you have made some kind of bad decision.

Single parents are primarily women as well, this is another blatant, sexist, over controlling piece of legislation designed to abuse welfare recipients.

Antipoverty network can help you if you feel like you have been mistreated or forced into signing a job plan with Parents Next

Please get in contact with us via our email or message into the page if you would like to find out more.
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A huge thank you to all for 8000 likes!

Once again, a reminder to check our page regularly for upcoming events and activities as Facebook likes to hide our event shares from every newsfeed (of course, it’s because they want us to pay to promote events 😡) Here’s to a bustling and motivating 2019!
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- You have the right to negotiate your 'job plan', so that is fair and reasonable, and takes into account your personal and health conditions
- You are allowed 48 hours 'think time', before signing a Job Plan
- You must be given sufficient warning for all your appointments
- You have the right to change job agencies
- You have the right to choose your own activity

AND, you have the right to seek advice and support, and have an advocate or witness accompany you on your appointments. Contact us if you want some help.
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The extreme heat we experience during summer can be even more uncomfortable for low-income people, like Newstart and other welfare payment recipients, who have to make difficult choices about whether they can afford to run their air-conditioners/fans.

Going without cooling on hot days/nights can make life very unpleasant, particularly for those with health issues.

Have you avoided using your air-conditioner/fan, despite the extreme heat, because you are worried about how large your power bills will be?

Keen to hear from you. :-)
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The system is designed to pressure, stress, and trip-up job-seekers, that's it's point, it needs to be dismantled, not tweaked. ... See MoreSee Less

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