Media Coverage


October 2018: Event Run By and For Those In Poverty Radio Adelaide

October 2018: Nothing About Us Without Us: Conference Hears From People Living Below The Line The Wire

July 2018: ‘Living on Newstart, It’s really hard’ Calls to increase welfare payments ABC Online

May 2018: Living on Just $17 a Day: That’s Newstart The Wire

May 2018: Newstart is No start The Wire

April 2018: Greens Call for Universal Basic Income Pro Bono

March 2018: Community Groups Warn That Welfare Changes Will Increase Homelessness Pro Bono

March 2018: Recipe for ‘deep frustration’ ABC Online

January 2018: The pressures of living as a carer on a low income Radio Adelaide

January 2018: Update on Welfare bill (more nasties) & Free Public Transport campaign Radio Adelaide

January 2018: Welfare reform bill back before parliament next month Radio Adelaide

January 2018: The effects of a Welfare Demerit point system Radio Adelaide


December 2017: Struggles of living on a low income at Christmas Radio Adelaide

December 2017: SACOSS launches Utilities Cost of Living Policy Radio Adelaide

November 2017: Local councils helping lift the unemployed in Eureka Street

November 2017: The poor need more say in society – Green Left Weekly

October 2017: Anti-poverty week conference coverage on Peace of the Action – Radio Adelaide

Ocober 2017: South Australian local councils join campaign to raise Newstart job seeker payment on ABC news

October 2017: Interview with Pas Forgione from the Anti-poverty Network South Australia on 3CR

October 2017: Trek for Jobs, Justice and Dignity on ABC 24 – youtube video

October 2017: Australia warned not to follow NZ welfare reform – Pro Bono

October 2017: Poverty, don’t blame the victims, fix the system – The Wire

October 2017: A ‘slap in the face’ by council – Northern Weekly

October 2017: Payments under the spotlight – Messenger Eastern Courier

October 2017: Poverty and Policy on 3CR

October 2017: Mental Health Week: how unemployment impacts youth mental health – The Wire

October 2017: Anti-poverty network conference interview – Soundcloud

October 2017: Anti-poverty conference to kick off this weekend – Radio Adelaide

October 2017: Rallying councils to raise Newstart on Radio Adelaide

October 2017: Serco run prison asks inmates to donate for national poverty week – The Guardian

October 2017: Call to boost welfare deal – Southern Times Messenger

September 2017: Anti-Poverty Network SA protesters win fight to speak about Newstart allowance increase at Salisbury council on Adelaidenow Messenger North/North-east

September 2017: Six more SA councils join push to raise Newstart on Independent Australia

September 2017: Charities say inadequate income support payments are leading to poverty on Pro Bono

September 2017: Is the job market stacked against elder workers on ABC Radio

September 2017: Cashless Welfare on Radio Adelaide

September 2017: Newstart Allowance and local engagement on Radio Adelaide

August 2017: South Australian Council becomes first to support an increase in Newstart on The Wire

August 2017: Australians in Poverty on Radio Adelaide

August 2017: Port Adelaide & Enfield council supports Newstart raise on Radio Adelaide

June 2017: Government welfare policies under fire on Radio Adelaide

June 2017 Open letter highlights impacts of welfare system on Radio Adelaide 

June 2017: Calls for “drastic action” to combat health impacts of welfare system on ProBono

May 2017: Australia’s underemployment continues to rise on The Wire 

May 2017: Budget welfare changes on Radio Adelaide

May 2017: For the poor – a mean spirited budget on The Wire

May 2017: New welfare measures are punitive on Radio Adelaide

May 2017: Welfare groups concerned that new budget measures vilify the unemployed on ABC AM

May 2017: Social Sector slams mandatory drug trial for welfare recipients on probonoAustralia

April 2017: Lived experience: escaping a seven year payday loan cycle on Radio Adelaide

April 2017: Health impacts of eroding welfare on Radio Adelaide

March 2017: How Fair is Welfare? The Wire

March 2017: Centrelink debt recovery continues to affect vulnerable Australians on Radio Adelaide.

January 2017: Centrelink Debts and the Job Network on Radio Adelaide

January 2017: Peer Support Program To Ease Job Agency Struggle Radio Adelaide


December 2016: Electricity bills a hardship for jobless Adelaide woman ABC

December 2016: A trip to the job agency: What life is really like for the unemployed Independent Australia

November 2016: Job Agency Trouble on Radio Adelaide

October 2016: Conference discusses stories and struggles  from below the poverty line in Green Left Weekly

October 2016: Is the federal government attacking unemployment or the unemployed? Radio Adelaide

October 2016: Age Discrimination in the workforce – the Saturday Paper

October 2016: Anger at Poverty Marginalisation on ABC

October 2016: Power to the Poor Antipoverty Week conference on The Wire

October 2016: Anti-poverty week and climate change on Radio Adelaide

October 2016: Power to the Poor Silent No More Conference interview on Radio Adelaide

October 2016: APN’s Pas Forgione discusses the Anti Poverty Week Conference in Green Left Weekly

August 2016: APN’s Pas Forgione interviews DSP recipients in Green Left Weekly

August 2016: Clean Living Supplement Scrapped – The Wire

June 2016: Green Left Weekly reports on the unemployed grilling election candidates

June 2016: ABC news reports on the unemployed quizzing MPs at “What about the Unemployed” forum.

June 2016: The Wire reports on Stories of Unemployment and Welfare to be presented to political candidates at ANP’s What about the Unemployed Forum in northern Adelaide

June 2016: Australian Pro Bono reports on the target 80,000 Jobs campaign

June 2016: Pas Forgione talks to the Wire about the target 80,000 jobs campaign

May 2016: more on the Target 80,000 jobs campaign on Radio Adelaide

May 2016: Pas Forgione launches the target 80,000 jobs campaign on Radio Adelaide

May 2016: Linda Tirado on Breaking the Cycle of Poverty – Radio Adelaide

February 2016: The SA launch of the Intervention book and the second intervention – Ceduna Radio Adelaide


November 2015: The Wire reports on the National Day of Action against the “Healthy Welfare” card 

October 2015: The Wire reports on welfare cuts

October 2015: The Wire reports on the Anti Poverty Week conference

October 2015: Anti Poverty Week Conference report on Radio Adelaide

14 October 2015: Pas Forgione on Radio Adelaide Anti-Poverty Week conference

15 May 2015: Pas Forgione on Radio Adelaide Income management continues

April 2015: Are we leaving domestic violence victims in the dark? The Wire

March 2015: Pas Forgione and Nijole Naujokas discuss the Basics Card and Forest “Healthy Welfare Card” on Radio Adelaide

March 2015: “Government Remains Committed to Failed Income Management Scheme” Green Left Weekly

February 2015: Expansion of Work for the Dole on Radio Adelaide

February 2015: Welfare shredding continues on Radio Adelaide


November 2014: “Cashless welfare payments proposal sparks protest outside Adelaide ALP convention” ABC

November 2014: “South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill says union campaign against Nick Xenophon helped Labor win the State Election”

November 2014: Cashless Welfare sparks outrage The Wire

November 2014: Critique of Andrew Forrest Report Radio Adelaide

October 2014: Failings of Income Management ignored The Wire

September 2014: Further attacks on welfare Radio Adelaide

September 2014: Protesting Income Management The Wire

August 2014: Managing the income of welfare recipients Radio Adelaide

August 2014: Work for the Dole leads nowhere The Wire

August 2014: Job Seekers being Demonised Radio Adelaide

June 2014: Death of the Fair Go Radio Adelaide

June 2014: Protest against the death of the Fair Go Radio Adelaide

May 2014: A life on income management Radio Adelaide

May 2014: Anti-Poverty Network on Radio Adelaide

April 2014: Income management rolls out quietly The Wire

April 2014: Disciplining welfare – income management Radio Adelaide


October 2013: Women, Welfare and Poverty Radio Adelaide

October 2013: Income Management – Welfare Control replaces Welfare Rights Radio Adelaide

August 2013: Compulsory income management – future or fraud? Radio Adelaide

June 2013: ‘Managing’ income or dictating? Radio Adelaide

June 2013: Election 2013: Stopping compulsory Income Management TheWire