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August 2019

July 2019

We can’t afford to increase Newstart, Eric Abetz tells Q&A

The Guardian-29 Jul 2019

The Liberal backbencher Eric Abetz says the “burden” of government debt prevents the Coalition increasing the Newstart allowance.

Low rate of Newstart linked to Australia’s youth suicide epidemic: Tim …
SBS-29 Jul 2019

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‘I regularly don’t eat at all’: how people on Newstart get by

The Guardian-28 Jul 2019

A survey of 500 people on Newstart and Youth Allowance reveals many recipients are skipping meals, medication and showers to save money.

Most unemployed Australians are skipping meals in order to get by on …
SBS-28 Jul 2019

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Newstart, Youth Allowance: Recipients skip meals, medication to save … Jul 2019

Pressure is mounting on the Coalition to increase the Newstart payment, as a new survey shows some recipients are skipping meals, going …

Many on ‘inadequate’ Newstart skip meals
SBS-28 Jul 2019

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‘Unfunded empathy’: Scott Morrison pushes back on growing calls to …

The Guardian-29 Jul 2019

Scott Morrison has declared the Coalition will not engage in “unfunded empathy” when it comes to raising the Newstart rate, and has ducked a …

PM accuses Labor of ‘unfunded empathy’ on Newstart
The Australian Financial Review-29 Jul 2019

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Welfare crackdown: Majority of job-seekers lose pay over missed …

9News-8 hours ago

New figures released by Employment Minister Michaelia Cash show nearly four … in the push to increase the $277-a-week Newstart payment.

PoliticsNow: Michaelia Cash revives dole bludger call over Newstart …
In-Depth-The Australian-2 hours ago

‘One of the worst’: how Newstart compares to unemployment payments …

The Guardian-22 Jul 2019

There seems to be growing momentum for a Newstart raise. We take a look at some of the big claims around the welfare payment.

Two Libs join push to lift dole payments
Yahoo Finance-22 Jul 2019

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Stop stonewalling on Newstart rise

The Age-27 Jul 2019

Almost daily it seems the groundswell builds for the government to increase the Newstart allowance. And yet, the Prime Minister Scott Morrison, …

New figures show shocking amount of Newstart recipients aren’t …

2GB-5 hours ago

New figures reveal 78 per cent of Newstart recipients have had their payment suspended at least once over the past financial year. Payments …

Govt talks up dole penalties as Newstart pay debate bites
InDaily-5 hours ago

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‘I just exist’: Ex-teacher says Newstart has made her homeless

The New Daily-13 hours ago

Newstart recipient Karryn Smith, 58, considers herself “one of the lucky ones”, yet the former school teacher is living out of her car. Every night …

Paul Fletcher dodges questions about intervening in Newstart review

The Guardian-27 Jul 2019

Paul Fletcher dodges questions about intervening in Newstart review … to strike out a committee recommendation to raise the rate of Newstart.

‘It’s an easy question’: Annabel Crabb grills government minister on … Jul 2019

How I decided to run for the seat of Corio in the next Federal Election

Independent Australia-11 Jul 2019

All of the people that actively post about poverty, coming from all points … and their Children and the AntiPoverty Network South Australia.

Australia lost 20000 public housing units in a decade, study finds

The Guardian-17 Jul 2019

Australia lost 20,000 public housing units in a decade, study finds … 2015, she contacted South Australia’s public housing authority asking for a home. … Morgan, who is a member of the AntiPoverty Network, said her public …

October 2018: Event Run By and For Those In Poverty Radio Adelaide

October 2018: Nothing About Us Without Us: Conference Hears From People Living Below The Line The Wire

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March 2018: Community Groups Warn That Welfare Changes Will Increase Homelessness Pro Bono

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January 2018: The pressures of living as a carer on a low income Radio Adelaide

January 2018: Update on Welfare bill (more nasties) & Free Public Transport campaign Radio Adelaide

January 2018: Welfare reform bill back before parliament next month Radio Adelaide

January 2018: The effects of a Welfare Demerit point system Radio Adelaide


December 2017: Struggles of living on a low income at Christmas Radio Adelaide

December 2017: SACOSS launches Utilities Cost of Living Policy Radio Adelaide

November 2017: Local councils helping lift the unemployed in Eureka Street

November 2017: The poor need more say in society – Green Left Weekly

October 2017: Anti-poverty week conference coverage on Peace of the Action – Radio Adelaide

Ocober 2017: South Australian local councils join campaign to raise Newstart job seeker payment on ABC news

October 2017: Interview with Pas Forgione from the Anti-poverty Network South Australia on 3CR

October 2017: Trek for Jobs, Justice and Dignity on ABC 24 – youtube video

October 2017: Australia warned not to follow NZ welfare reform – Pro Bono

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October 2017: A ‘slap in the face’ by council – Northern Weekly

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October 2017: Serco run prison asks inmates to donate for national poverty week – The Guardian

October 2017: Call to boost welfare deal – Southern Times Messenger

September 2017: Anti-Poverty Network SA protesters win fight to speak about Newstart allowance increase at Salisbury council on Adelaidenow Messenger North/North-east

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August 2017: South Australian Council becomes first to support an increase in Newstart on The Wire

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August 2017: Port Adelaide & Enfield council supports Newstart raise on Radio Adelaide

June 2017: Government welfare policies under fire on Radio Adelaide

June 2017 Open letter highlights impacts of welfare system on Radio Adelaide 

June 2017: Calls for “drastic action” to combat health impacts of welfare system on ProBono

May 2017: Australia’s underemployment continues to rise on The Wire 

May 2017: Budget welfare changes on Radio Adelaide

May 2017: For the poor – a mean spirited budget on The Wire

May 2017: New welfare measures are punitive on Radio Adelaide

May 2017: Welfare groups concerned that new budget measures vilify the unemployed on ABC AM

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April 2017: Lived experience: escaping a seven year payday loan cycle on Radio Adelaide

April 2017: Health impacts of eroding welfare on Radio Adelaide

March 2017: How Fair is Welfare? The Wire

March 2017: Centrelink debt recovery continues to affect vulnerable Australians on Radio Adelaide.

January 2017: Centrelink Debts and the Job Network on Radio Adelaide

January 2017: Peer Support Program To Ease Job Agency Struggle Radio Adelaide


December 2016: Electricity bills a hardship for jobless Adelaide woman ABC

December 2016: A trip to the job agency: What life is really like for the unemployed Independent Australia

November 2016: Job Agency Trouble on Radio Adelaide

October 2016: Conference discusses stories and struggles  from below the poverty line in Green Left Weekly

October 2016: Is the federal government attacking unemployment or the unemployed? Radio Adelaide

October 2016: Age Discrimination in the workforce – the Saturday Paper

October 2016: Anger at Poverty Marginalisation on ABC

October 2016: Power to the Poor Antipoverty Week conference on The Wire

October 2016: Anti-poverty week and climate change on Radio Adelaide

October 2016: Power to the Poor Silent No More Conference interview on Radio Adelaide

October 2016: APN’s Pas Forgione discusses the Anti Poverty Week Conference in Green Left Weekly

August 2016: APN’s Pas Forgione interviews DSP recipients in Green Left Weekly

August 2016: Clean Living Supplement Scrapped – The Wire

June 2016: Green Left Weekly reports on the unemployed grilling election candidates

June 2016: ABC news reports on the unemployed quizzing MPs at “What about the Unemployed” forum.

June 2016: The Wire reports on Stories of Unemployment and Welfare to be presented to political candidates at ANP’s What about the Unemployed Forum in northern Adelaide

June 2016: Australian Pro Bono reports on the target 80,000 Jobs campaign

June 2016: Pas Forgione talks to the Wire about the target 80,000 jobs campaign

May 2016: more on the Target 80,000 jobs campaign on Radio Adelaide

May 2016: Pas Forgione launches the target 80,000 jobs campaign on Radio Adelaide

May 2016: Linda Tirado on Breaking the Cycle of Poverty – Radio Adelaide

February 2016: The SA launch of the Intervention book and the second intervention – Ceduna Radio Adelaide


November 2015: The Wire reports on the National Day of Action against the “Healthy Welfare” card 

October 2015: The Wire reports on welfare cuts

October 2015: The Wire reports on the Anti Poverty Week conference

October 2015: Anti Poverty Week Conference report on Radio Adelaide

14 October 2015: Pas Forgione on Radio Adelaide Anti-Poverty Week conference

15 May 2015: Pas Forgione on Radio Adelaide Income management continues

April 2015: Are we leaving domestic violence victims in the dark? The Wire

March 2015: Pas Forgione and Nijole Naujokas discuss the Basics Card and Forest “Healthy Welfare Card” on Radio Adelaide

March 2015: “Government Remains Committed to Failed Income Management Scheme” Green Left Weekly

February 2015: Expansion of Work for the Dole on Radio Adelaide

February 2015: Welfare shredding continues on Radio Adelaide


November 2014: “Cashless welfare payments proposal sparks protest outside Adelaide ALP convention” ABC

November 2014: “South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill says union campaign against Nick Xenophon helped Labor win the State Election”

November 2014: Cashless Welfare sparks outrage The Wire

November 2014: Critique of Andrew Forrest Report Radio Adelaide

October 2014: Failings of Income Management ignored The Wire

September 2014: Further attacks on welfare Radio Adelaide

September 2014: Protesting Income Management The Wire

August 2014: Managing the income of welfare recipients Radio Adelaide

August 2014: Work for the Dole leads nowhere The Wire

August 2014: Job Seekers being Demonised Radio Adelaide

June 2014: Death of the Fair Go Radio Adelaide

June 2014: Protest against the death of the Fair Go Radio Adelaide

May 2014: A life on income management Radio Adelaide

May 2014: Anti-Poverty Network on Radio Adelaide

April 2014: Income management rolls out quietly The Wire

April 2014: Disciplining welfare – income management Radio Adelaide


October 2013: Women, Welfare and Poverty Radio Adelaide

October 2013: Income Management – Welfare Control replaces Welfare Rights Radio Adelaide

August 2013: Compulsory income management – future or fraud? Radio Adelaide

June 2013: ‘Managing’ income or dictating? Radio Adelaide

June 2013: Election 2013: Stopping compulsory Income Management TheWire