Privatisation killed the fair go…

July action update:
The Liberal Party in South Australia announced that they will privatise SA’s trains and trams.Privatisation is the death knell of the Fair Go.On the 15th of July members and supporters of APNSA joined together in commiserating outside the ALP HQ on Greenhill Road, they did so by wearing black and bringing a rose, giving eulogies to the fair go and collectively mourning yet another nail in the coffin of the Australian “Fair Go”.Both the Liberals and Big Business are cheering, post state and federal election, as the fair go is torn to shreds. It is time to try and prevent the privatisation of our trams and trains and to return our buses back to public hands!

APNSA members and supporters gather on Greenhill Road
Privatisaion of public transport equals a death knell for the “fair go”