Organisations using Work for the Dole

Work for the Dole Name & Shame File

The following organisations are using coerced free labor via the ‘Work for the Dole’ program in SA. If there is real work to be done, it should be paid at award rates under award working conditions.  Work for the Dole is actually a new minimum wage. Work for the Dole participants are not covered by Work Cover if they are injured at work, and in many cases the tiny pittance of a ‘transport allowance’ is not enough and people will actually receive less money to live on once they pay for transport.  Forced labor is demoralising and takes away time and energy from searching for a real paid job.  Work for the Dole is an attack on the wages and conditions of all Australians.

A Gesture

Anglicare SA

Australian Refugee Association

Conservation Volunteers

Gawler Council

Habitat for Humanity

Modbury Hospital

National Railway Museum – Port Adelaide


Salvation Army

St Luke Anglican Church

SYC Service to Youth Council