Public Transport Survey

We know the cost of public transport adds up, especially for those on income support who have to survive on payments well below the poverty-line. We want to learn about people's experiences, what you think of Adelaide's public transport system, whether there have many times that you have been unable to catch the bus or train because of lack of funds.

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How often do you use public transport?
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What are your reasons for using public transport?

Currently, 10 2-hour bus trips during peak hours (9am-3pm on weekdays, all day on Saturdays) cost $34.80 using a regular Metrocard, or $17.20 using a concession Metrocard. Would you be more likely to use public transport if it were cheaper?

How often (if ever) have you not had the money to catch the bus or train? How has this affected your life?
DailyWeeklyMonthlyLess than monthlyNever

Please rank, out of the following, your biggest concerns with public transport:
costfumescleanlinessunreliabilitytimeother passengerssafetydiscomfortnot enough room/storage space

Have the following ever happened to you as a result of not having proper identification or a valid ticket:
been finedbullied by an inspectormade to get off the bus or train

Have you ever dodged a fare when you had enough money at the time?
If yes, why?

Is there an area of Adelaide that you think needs to have more public transport?

At what age and below do you think children should receive free tickets?

Do you have any further comments or suggestions?