Vinnie’s ‘Raise for Some’ Thought Bubble

By Sam Shetler | 19 August 2019 Yesterday the Anti-Poverty Network SA voted unanimously on our 2019 Anti-Poverty Week conference title. Our conference title or headline will read: One Big Raise: Dignity For All. Today a headline in The Australian reads, ‘Vinnies Want Newstart Rate Increase for over 55s.’ The contrast between The Australian headline … Read moreVinnie’s ‘Raise for Some’ Thought Bubble

What Does Justice for the Poor Look Like?: Yi Ling

Yi Ling | Member of APNSA |28 July 2018 The obvious answer is that no one is poor anymore, that poverty no longer exists. That shouldn’t need to be said. Of course, that cannot be achieved straight away. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is justice. So what does justice look like, when … Read moreWhat Does Justice for the Poor Look Like?: Yi Ling