Automated Austerity Passes Senate

Sam Shetler | 27 Feb 2020

New automated income reporting of Social Security payments passed the Senate today.

In other words, $2B worth of austerity passed the Senate today.

However the legislation does have to go back to the House for final approval because the ever brave and ever noble ALP want an amendment.

It’s a familiar amendment. You might recognise this amendment from Cashless Debit Card legislation…

The automated income reporting legislation is going back to the House because the ALP’s amendment calls for a one-year trial.

The ALP seems to call for trials when they know legislation will go pear shape so they build in the political equivalent of an ejection seat.

The ALP proclaims, to the highest heights, that it would never support legislation that robs the poor, that puts the poor on rations, that harasses and punishes the poor.

They do.

But where they can they try their darnedest to insert a rhetorical safety valve, a saving face ejection seat.

Sure the ALP make the legislation possible but they put limits on it, isn’t that something?

This may seem unprincipled on first glance, second glance and so on.

But if you glance long enough, bordering on a stare, sure as the sun will rise, a Labor hack will say, “Listen mate, you want the Libs to win?”

If you go to your quiet place, you can hear Labor hacks whispering that phrase from the distance.

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