Automated Austerity Passes Senate

Sam Shetler | 27 Feb 2020 New automated income reporting of Social Security payments passed the Senate today. In other words, $2B worth of austerity passed the Senate today. However the legislation does have to go back to the House for final approval because the ever brave and ever noble ALP want an amendment. It’s … Read more

LNP’s New Legislation to Further Automate Austerity

Sam Shetler | 30 Jan 2020 It’s the first sitting week of Parliament and the Liberal National Coalition government (LNP) has a bright and shiny $2 billion dollar plan!  Collective “Oooo” please. The LNP’s proposed legislation will “simplify” (automate) income reporting for people surviving Centrelink. Anne Ruston, the minister for social services, the Prime Minister … Read more

Dear Sen Anne Ruston, Are You a Hypocrite or Just Bad at Your Job?

Aidan Jarvis | 04 Oct 2019 Dear Senator Anne Ruston, You spoke at a Soroptimist forum, made some very bold claims, and defended yourself, stating the report of your comments were ‘misleading’. Anne Ruston says the reporting of her comments was ‘misleading’ and she only wants to reduce barriers to employment. – Luke Henriques-Gomes, The … Read more

Tracey Phillips’ Deputation to PAE Council

PAE Council Deputation to continue supporting ‘Raise the Rate’ Increasing the Newstart Payment Tuesday 13th August 2019 WHERE WE HAVE BEEN Firstly I would like to say how proud I am to be a resident of PAE Council, the first council in Australia to come on board in August 2017 to publicly support a raise to Newstart.  I was one of many … Read more