Aidan Jarvis’ Deputation to Salisbury Council

Aidan Jarvis | 26 August 2019

Good evening council,

I am here tonight to speak to the national campaign to raise Newstart and other income support payments.

Almost two years ago, Salisbury council was one of the first councils in all of Australia to put it’s name behind supporting a raise to income support payments – namely Newstart.

At the time, I think council was a bit confused concerning what we wanted.

A group of local activists speaking to a council about a federal issue? Of course you’d be confused!

But to reiterate – of course raising Newstart is a federal issue, but the support of local government, for moral and economic reasons, has clearly been very important.

The topic of income support being incredibly low is now at the forefront of national discourse, and Salisbury was ahead of the curve, so I, and we, thank council, and in particular Mayor Aldridge for the continued support, and councillors Brug and Buchanan for the help in getting this subject
moving back in 2017, and still now.

Now, I mentioned before the economic reasons for raising Newstart. Simply put, Salisbury has near ten thousand people on Newstart and Youth Allowance alone.

In the Deloitte Access Report, it was calculated that Salisbury’s local economy would gain the circulation of 33 million dollars in the first year, if
raised by $75 per week.

Naturally this would have incredible flow-on effects for local business and by extension the city as a whole. There are, of course, many more advantages laid-out in the report itself.

We have asked for another motion to be put forward, acknowledging some key information regarding welfare in the city of Salisbury, as well as acknowledgement of continued support.

In this motion we ask Salisbury council:
• Reaffirm its support for raising the rate of Newstart and Youth Allowance;
• Acknowledge the near ten thousand people on these two payments in the
Salisbury region;
• Note that these increases will contribute over $30M for the local economy in the first year of the increase.

We also ask for four actions to be taken by council:
• Council to write to SS Minister, Senator Anne Ruston, (possibly in partnership with other Councils);
• Council to lodge a submission to the Senate inquiry on the adequacy (or lack thereof) of Newstart and related payments;
• Council to issue a public statement reaffirming its support for lifting Allowance payments;
• Council to organise a joint public and media event with Mayors from Councils that have called for an increase to Newstart, sometime before the end of 2019.

Watch Aidan’s deputation here and the motion pass here.