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Please contact us if you are looking to help us change the issues surrounding poverty, welfare reform, or are looking for more information about what our group is, what we do and how we can help. This can be from individuals, community groups, politcal groups or parties, media or otherwise.

We are always looking for volunteers and assistance, as we are a grass roots community group.  Any little bit of assistance can help, from 5 minutes a day to filling in our current vacancies of our coordinators. We provide a range of training, information, assistance, references, community and help.

We hold regular events, talk to the media and contact political candidates from local to federal. We try to assist as many people as we can dealing with issues of poverty as we can.

We also do job advocacy for people dealing with centerlink or job agencies who are being mistreated, need more information or advice on what their rights are and assisting with the difficult second language and bureaucracy that is the current state of centerlink and job agencies. This can be from negotiating job plans, applying for benefits, appealing decisions etc.

Please contact us if you are in need of help, and we will try to get back to you as quickly as possible. Please be aware that our resources are limited, but we try our best and take our responsibilities seriously. We try to treat all of our requests for assistance as seriously as possible, as we are aware that sometimes quite literally it is a matter of life or death, homelessness, no income, severe health issues and more.

We are looking to gather a database of peoples individuals stories and experiences of dealing with poverty, low income, health struggles, housing problems, exploitation by centerlink, job agencies and more. Please send it into us, with an introduction and you can request to remain anonymous, we treat requests for privacy very seriously.

Facebook Group : Anti-Poverty Network SA

Facebook Page : Anti-Poverty Network SA


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