Who We Are

Welcome to Anti-Poverty Network SA

Anti-Poverty Network SA isĀ an alliance of people affected and concerned by poverty and unemployment, including job-seekers, low income workers, sole parents, age and disability pensioners, students, community and welfare workers, and others.

Our goals:

To advocate for the dignity, rights, and well-being of people on low incomes, particularly those receiving income support from Centrelink To create community networks that provide emotional and practical support to those affected by poverty, unemployment, and the mean-spirited policies targeting those receiving income support from Centrelink. To be a voice for and of people living in poverty, and to highlight the personal experiences and insights of people on low incomes, so that we can challenge myths about poverty, income support, and unemployment.

What we Are About:

We are committed to the ideal of an adequate, fair, non-judgmental welfare system. We aim to promote a safety net that properly protects low income and vulnerable people. That treatsĀ people with respect, instead of punishing and micro-managing them, and allows them to fully participate in economic, community, and public life.

We hope you can join us!

Our main organising is done through our Facebook Group and we also have an e-list for those not on Facebook.